Greta Solomon is a London-Based Author, Speaker, Business Writing Trainer & Creative Writing Coach

I work with people who want to better express themselves in writing. For a business, a brand, a book, or a blog. To help birth a special writing project. Or just for their heart and soul – to experience the joy of writing freely and easily.


I run workshops in writing for business, for creative self-expression, and for wellness. My client list includes both multi-billion pound companies and visionary solopreneurs. You can see some case studies of my corporate work here


I speak at universities, and industry events, such as leading online business conference, Blogtacular. I am a visiting lecturer in business writing at City University.


I’m a Huffington Post and blogger and write for magazines about writing, creativity, wellness and self-development. Previously, I was a full-time journalist for British newspapers and magazines, and a business-to-business PR account director (which included being a ghost writer for CEOs and other senior executives).


I write self-help and how-to books. My first book Just Write It! was published by McGraw-Hill in 2013. My upcoming book Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life is due to be published in 2019.


I also coach people to bring their own self-help and how-to books to life. I work hands-on with the content, so that you can complete your chapters, or your proposal with the right structure, tone and flow.

My approach

My approach is to take solid writing techniques learned from my diverse background, add in coaching and training elements, a (large!) dash of intuition, and lots hard-won know-how. I’m not a copywriter, so I don’t do the work for you. But I do coach and guide you to find your own style, and teach you everything you need to know on the way.

Oh, and it’s fun. Lots of fun. Whether you come to a workshop, talk or hop on a coaching call – expect the process to be joyful, yet practical. I structure everything so that you get the biggest transformation in the shortest space of time.

So, who am I?

Well, I’m an INFP on the Myers-Briggs scale, and the Introvert Dear blog sums me up perfectly. They write: “Creative and unique, INFPs are called ‘mediators’ and ‘creative seekers.’ Living a conventional, routine life isn’t enough for them. They dream of something more.”

So, when I’m not off on a creative pilgrimage, or heading to a retreat, you’ll find me in Wimbledon, South West London trying to persuade a small human (my five-year-old daughter, Savannah) to eat some vegetables. Go on…just one bite! Alternatively, I’ll be curled up in front of the TV with my husband watching The Apprentice. We’ve just moved back to London after six years away in Norway, so I need to replenish my cup of British television.

I love all things health and wellness, but I also love red wine and fish and chips. And when I’m in, I’m ALL in. I’m committed to development and growth. Both yours and mine, and putting creativity first.

Workshop photos taken at Blogtacular 2018 by Will Ireland

If you'd like to know more about me here is my full bio

“Chutzpah” is the word that Greta Solomon’s first magazine boss used to describe her character. In fact, it sums up what she teaches her clients about creatively expressing themselves, achieving their writing dreams, and living full, rich lives.

Greta Solomon, the 40-year-old author of Just Write It, grew up as one of four children in the London suburb of Harrow, with her Caribbean-immigrant parents. It was a traditional family set-up, which allowed her to write songs and poems, and do other creative pursuits. She went to dance and music school, and did exams in jazz, modern, tap, violin and piano.

But by the time she had finished her A-levels, her parents had separated, and she was living with her mother who was, by then, on benefits. She left college with three A-grades at A-level and graduated from Warwick University with a 2:1 in Psychology.

While her peers were all going into graduate jobs, further study or taking gap years, Greta knew that she wanted a less conventional path. She had always wanted to be a journalist but couldn’t afford more study, and didn’t have any contacts. In November 1999, she picked up the book, ‘Get The Job You Want in 30 Days’ at her local library. After reading it, she set about a guerrilla job search, and landed her first job as a Fashion PR in Central London…within 7 days.

Working in fashion should have been a dream job, but it only made her realise even more than she wanted to be a journalist. She initially did a week’s work experience at Executive Woman magazine, and after three months landed the role of Deputy Editor. Around 18 months later, she became a Features Writer at popular women’s weekly lifestyle magazine, Woman, after which she freelanced for well-known titles including Now, My Weekly, Company and Daily Express, until 2008.

Greta has interviewed countless well-known names in the British entertainment industry from Anne Diamond and Shane Richie, through to Ronnie Corbett and Meera Syal. She has also travelled the world writing travel features, and covering events such as the Bangkok International Fashion Fair. But despite the glitz and glamour, she felt creatively blocked, and as though she didn’t have a voice.

So, she set about recovering her creative spirit. Her creative pilgrimage included being accepted as a drama student at the highly sought-after The Poor School in Central London (2002) representing Great Britain in the Model of the Universe competition (2003), modelling for hair and beauty brands, appearing in short films and reality TV shows, and working as an in-demand, personal English tutor. She also became a Coach U Qualified Life Coach (2007), won a songwriting deal with Crumbs Music, and gained a Diploma in Lyric Writing from Berklee College of Music (2008).

When her mother suddenly died in 2008, it was the catalyst to slow down, and find more stable work so that she could properly grieve. So, she returned to her PR roots in 2009, and landed a job at business-to-business PR consultancy, SE10. By 2010, she had been promoted to Account Director, and started looking for love.

Through a combination of Love Yoga, self-help books and speed dating she met Norwegian Management Consultant, Krister, a few months later. A year after meeting, they married in Ethiopia and moved to his homeland of Norway.

In 2011, Greta’s first book, Just Write It! How to Develop Top-Class University Writing Skills, was commissioned by McGraw Hill. This book combined many of the lessons she’d learned from her creative pilgrimage, along with solid academic techniques. Her daughter Savannah was born in 2013, the same year her book was published.

While pregnant in 2012, Greta set up a successful business, in Norway, as a business writing coach for international companies including Schibsted Media Group, Wilhelmsen Ships Service and Statoil, which she ran until 2016.

In 2017, Greta and her family returned to British life, and now live in the leafy London suburb of Wimbledon. And in 2019, Greta’s second book, Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life, is due to be published. It’s about how self-expression is vital for happiness and well-being.

Greta’s work has evolved into running creative writing workshops and coaching heart-centred women to bring their own books to life. Life isn’t always easy, but she tries to navigate it with humour, grace and warmth, while always writing from the heart.

Here is my short bio

Greta Solomon is an author, creative writing coach, business writing trainer (she is a visiting lecturer in business writing at City University) and a former journalist for British newspapers and magazines. She is the author of Just Write It! How to Develop Top-Class University Writing Skills (McGraw-Hill, 2013) and the forthcoming book Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life. The daughter of Windrush-era Caribbean immigrants, she lives in South West London with her husband and daughter and has had a portfolio career since 2002. Greta runs creative writing workshops for both kitchen-table bloggers and multi-billion pound companies. And she also coaches people to bring their own self-help and how-to books to life. Greta is a wellness contributor for and her work has been featured in well-known publications including the Huffington Post, The Numinous and The Daily Express. She also speaks at leading industry events, such as online business conference Blogtacular. Greta is a psychology graduate (University of Warwick, 1999), certified coach, and trained lifelong learning teacher. She is a natural multi-passionate creative with a background that spans beyond writing through to modelling, acting, lyric writing and public relations.

In the media (some recent interviews and articles)

What people say about me

“This was special. Thank you! I feel like I can reach a new level of writing. Super excited about the journey. If anyone is interested in improving their creative writing skills, you need to get booked onto Greta Solomon’s workshops!” ~ Jazreena Harlow, buyer / merchandiser

“You were quite simply a natural host and handled the panel at the Write Out! event superbly. I wish you could host all my events.” ~ Foluke Akinlose MBE, Founder of Precious Online, Precious Success & The Precious Awards

“You are a wonderful teacher and a gentle facilitator.” ~ Lucy Peltier, writer

“I thoroughly enjoyed last night. Writing can be so isolating at times. Beautiful people in the room and your warm energy made it all special.” ~ Marie Skilling, writer and coach

“I loved this workshop – it gave me insight into interesting blocks and luckily how to get past them… and spending time with Greta is always inspiring. I’d encourage anyone on the fence to climb on down and give yourself and your writing a present.” ~ Claire McAree, film producer, and The Artist’s Way facilitator

“I highly recommend this workshop. It helped me get over my fear and I have enjoyed putting pen to paper again. Greta Solomon is a muse.” ~ Ampy Basa, Chef

So, I hope you enjoy visiting my site. It's great to have you here!

And as you go about your day, remember three things: 

  • Communicate from your core
  • Dare to be yourself, then dare to put yourself into your writing
  • Wear your purple hat now (see quote below)

Excerpt from a poem by Jenny Joseph: “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple / And run my stick along the public railings / And make up for the sobriety of my youth/ But maybe I ought to practice a little now / So people who know me are not too shocked and surprised / When suddenly I am old, and start to wear purple.”