Live, love and be happy

I have to admit that I’m getting a little fed up of all the how-to ‘success’ articles that pop up in my social media feeds. You know, the ones telling you to follow your dreams, live your passions, jump in feet first and start that business you always dreamed of.

Life is made up of lots of different facets. It’s a tapestry. And your work (whether you love it or not) ought not to define whether you are successful or unsuccessful.

I’m a firm believer in creative self-expression and being open and alive to opportunities and possibilities. But these success articles ignore so much of what makes life full and rich. What about peace of mind? What about family? What about friends? What about fun?

What’s more, it’s virtually impossible to replicate other people’s success. Your path will be different, because you are different.

Yes, there may be seven typical things that successful people do before breakfast. And yes, there are general guidelines for things not to do if you want a full, rich life. But I believe it’s vital to figure out your own personal definition of success and ensure you stand firm in that.

Put your happiness first, and get on with the business of loving and living.

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