Fashion matters

It always surprises me when people think fashion is frivolous. Or that they’re too intelligent or serious-minded to care about the clothes they wear. So they judge those who wear items with no functional value. A frill just for the heck of it, a scarf tied just so – for the heck of it.

Well, I believe fashion matters. And even if you love fashion, it might matter even more than you think.

Colour, cut and style are ways of expressing yourself. Fashion is about having fun, and feeling alive and vibrant. And if you believe in colour psychology (which I do) colours can greatly impact your mood, your mind and your wellbeing.

I don’t own any expensive clothes. I do own expensive accessories (and that’s only because I have a sister who works for a top handbag designer)! But money is not the point. Creativity is. In fact, my favourite place in Oslo to shop is UFF – which sells inexpensive second hand clothes sourced largely from the eighties.

After having a baby, I wore so much black. Yet I didn’t consciously realise at the time what I was doing. I had to buy all new clothes as virtually nothing fit my post-baby body, and I dressed to hide. But now colour is back in my life. Colour heals, and clothes (colourful or otherwise) make a difference. They make a difference to how you feel, how you present yourself to the world and how others receive you.

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