Hey, it’s OK

This post is inspired by Glamour magazine’s ‘Hey, it’s OK’ page. This is my personal list, which I think will resonate with HSPs, introverts, mavericks and makers.

Hey, it's OK to...

• Take afternoon naps
• Eat the foods that make you feel good (even if they look weird to others)
• Express your needs
• Have quiet time
• Do the work that fills your soul (even if it doesn’t fill your bank account)
• Measure success not by how much money you have but by the people you’ve helped, or the lives you’ve changed
• Work one or two side jobs so that you do, in fact, fill the bank account
• Create things that go nowhere
• Create things that go somewhere
• Change your mind
• Make mistakes (and make the same mistakes several times)
• Listen to everyone and then go your own way
• Say no, with no explanation
• Laugh loudly with enthusiasm
• Not worry about your image
• Follow your intuition, even if it makes you look stupid
• Passionately pursue a project that becomes a dead-end
• Start again
• Keep your projects private
• Not always be the life and soul of the party (and leave the party early, or not go at all!)
• Sometimes be the life and soul of the party (and party ‘til dawn)
• Sleep when you’re tired
• Cry when you’re sad
• Remove the brave face and live your truth
• Be you…perfectly, imperfect you

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