Audio: Balancing flow with getting things done

I recently did an interview called Writing for Joy for one of my favourite podcasts, The League of Extraordinary Introverts, which is run by the wonderful Katherine Mackenzie-Smith. If you haven’t heard it, you can take a listen here

After my interview aired I had a question from Jessica, who is an Enneagram Coach, BodyTalk Practitioner and Writer.

She wrote: “One question your podcast prompted is something I’ve been grappling with for a while – and I’m hoping that you can share some insight (or point me to a relevant article): How do we balance the “with the flow / from the heart / in the right time” concept, with the idea of just sitting down, allocating time and making it happen?

I loved this question so much that I thought I’d answer it in a mini audio. In the recording, I mention a few resources which I’ll list below. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know!


  • Jessica Uys
    Posted at 05:26h, 27 November Reply

    Thanks so much Greta! This is really helpful. I particularly like the ideas of finding an embodying practice to come back into the now, and then detaching from the session to remove any kind of pressure or anxiety. Thanks for sharing!

    • Greta Solomon
      Posted at 09:43h, 27 November Reply

      Wonderful to hear that this was helpful, Jessica. Thanks for the great question!

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