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Heart, Soul & Sass is a self-help book about using the practice of writing to create a fulfilling life. One that is rich, and full, and truly expresses who you are. It’s not about writing because you want to be a writer (although that may be true – in fact, you may already be an accomplished writer). Instead, it’s about writing for both the joy of creative self-expression and the healing of heart and soul that can bring.

I believe that creativity is the missing piece in the wellness puzzle. Unfortunately, the busyness of modern life is stripping our brains of their creativity. And with that comes a flattening of emotional experience. If you get too numb, you feel nothing, and life becomes devoid of passion, purpose and power.

Through personal stories, food for thought, writing exercises, challenges, tools, tips and techniques, I gently guide my reader to experience her own creative breakthrough. And, in turn, help her to write her way to a fully-expressed life.

One customer wrote:

“Your book truly feels like a godsend. I have been struggling with perinatal and postpartum depression (but doing well now) and part of my healing journey has been writing and journaling. And I have been thinking of going deeper into writing, into a memoir-style writing, although at this moment I don’t have any plan to publish at all. The outline of your book sounds like what I am looking for right now, especially Part 2. I have always loved writing and have published articles as a freelance travel and food writer years ago, but never in this personal style of pouring my heart and soul and find my voice in it. Anyway, long story short, I’m really looking forward to read this!”

Just Write It! (McGraw-Hill, 2013)

How to develop top-class university writing skills

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The subtitle of this book is slightly misleading. If you’re a university student, you can certainly use this book to help you write your way to top grades. But the book is so much more than this. 

Although the book was published in 2013 by McGraw-Hill, I originally began crafting it in 2008 because my students were blocked. At the time I was running an English and writing tutoring business. My students repeatedly told me that they knew what they wanted to say, but they couldn’t get it down on paper.

Many were whippet smart in maths and science but were falling behind in English. They’d never been taught to access their self-expression and so they couldn’t write freely. Much of what they did write was dull and uninspired.

I began teaching my students techniques I'd learned from lyric writing – things such as object writing. I taught them tricks and techniques from my journalism days. I coaxed their stories out of them and together we blasted through their blocks.

So, this is the essence of Just Write It! It's a creative approach to writing that you can apply in academia AND business.

It’s packed with hundreds of practical exercises. It’s also very different from anything else I’ve seen taught at university. I hope you enjoy it!

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What they say
Upgraded my writing skills – it's a 'must-have'

The book Just Write It! is an absolute ‘must have’ for those searching for ways to improve and master their English writing skills, either within an academic or a professional field. The book provides a variety of innovative techniques and tips that help you to become a creative and efficient writer.

I must admit that before I found Just Write It!, it was quite a challenge for me to start writing tasks, such as motivation or cover letters, that required demonstrating creativity and individualism. I also felt my business correspondence and reports were too long, lifeless and ‘heavy to digest’ from the reader perspective. Consequently, I failed to draw adequate attention to the content which was often crucial in my overall performance in projects and other assignments.

I feel that my writing skills have been substantially upgraded after I devoted some time to diligently follow the exercises from the book. The exercises were amazingly uncomplicated and funny at the same time. The noticeable benefits were clearer structure and useful vocabulary that particularly came in handy for different writing tasks. The creative part of me was woken up, too and contributed to help liven up my writing.

Thanks to the advice provided in the book I am now able to write informative and engaging e-mails and memos that are easy to read and simply likeable. I often get positive feedback from colleagues at work on my writing performance. Finally, I managed to write a winning cover letter that has helped me to get a dream job.I intend to continue on the learning path with my personal writing guidance, the book Just Write It!, that I can always consult for reliable advice.

Magdalena Hubert, Analyst at Nasdaq OMX

Rigorous exercises

Critical thinking is essential for both creative and academic writing. And one of the most challenging tasks for a writing instructor is to motivate students to think critically.  Just Write it! does just that. The practical writing exercises force the student to think critically by crystallizing their own ideas in their own words. Through step-by-step procedures the student grows accustomed to thinking by writing, and writing by thinking. Although some tasks appear casual, the exercises are rigorous for both the unskilled and skilled writer. Those instructors working with ESL students will find this book exceedingly helpful if used for what it is intended – an exercise book. Unlike most writing books, Just Write It! does not focus on metadiscourse and mechanics, rather, performance and perceptions. Therefore, it should supplement not supplant well-established writing manuals, e.g., Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

William Warner, PhD, Associate Professor – Writing Centre, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

A miracle!

I read Greta’s book after my husband participated in one of her corporate seminars. At that time, I was completing the first year of my masters and a great deal of my time was spent on reading and writing essays. After reading it, my grades rocketed from C’s to A’s. All thanks to Greta’s book Just Write It!. The book is a miracle for anyone who struggles with writing or just isn’t happy with his or her creativity process. Easy to read and comprehend, the book will give you so many ‘a-ha’ moments that you will want to make everyone else read it!

Elena Daia, Web Journalist at Bonnier Publications