On transition + writing yourself well

The journey to health and wellness is never straightforward, and is full of transitions – just as in life.

For me, the last 10 years have been about one transition after another. From having a mum, to suddenly finding myself motherless. From swapping London life with my fiancé, to living in Ethiopia, getting married there, and moving to Norway. From giving birth in a Norwegian hospital (which was outstanding, by the way!) to finding myself having to communicate in pigeon Norwegian to some of the nurses. It goes on and on – with many transitions gladly instigated by me, unaware of the chaos they would bring.

But what I’ve learned is that clarity follows chaos, if you allow yourself to breathe into the unknown. If you can live in the space between here and there. And if you try to follow a blueprint for this, or a five-step plan it can suppress your intuition causes you to veer off the ‘right’ path. So, just a little message to say that clarity takes time. But it’s worth the wait, and writing can help you get there.

Whether that’s through jotting down goals, journalling, or writing for creative self-expression; writing can help you make the changes you need. I truly believe you can write yourself well.

My latest book Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life is available for pre-order until 15 May (with some fab bonuses). https://publishizer.com/heart-soul-sass/

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