What is this programme all about?

Expressing yourself through writing keeps your heart open. It also helps you to see what you really want. You get to go deeper, down through the layers to express your authentic self. But first of all, you need to shake off the shackles.

That’s what this four-week online workshop series is about. I want to help you to become the writer you need and want to be. Whether it’s for your blog, brand, business, book or simply for your heart and soul!

The practical details

When: We begin on Monday 8 October 2018, and the programme runs until Friday 2 November.

Where: It’s online so you can be anywhere in the world!

What you need: A notepad and pen. Around two hours a week. Plus, access to a computer and the internet.

Format: Weekly 15-minute training videos, plus worksheets and exercises. In addition, there’ll be a weekly 30-minute Facebook Live workshop and 30 minutes of live chatting (in the comments) after that. This will take place on Fridays at 1pm GMT.

Price: £159

Enrollments for this programme are now closed.

Through this programme, you’ll see what it *actually* takes to tap into your creative flow (in both writing and life). Plus, you’ll experience the joy of knowing that what you need is already within you.

My vision for you is that you will:

  • Understand that writing success isn’t something ‘out there’, and that it’s an inside job that starts with having a positive mindset.
  • No longer worry about being a ‘real’ writer, or doing ‘real’ writing, and understand that EVERYTHING you write counts.
  • Stop dreaming about being productive and instead focus on implementing a toolkit of practical writing tools and techniques.
  • No longer worry that you don’t have anything to say and instead understand that you can tap into creativity and self-expression at any time.
  • See how it’s self-sabotage to censor yourself and so you begin to trust that it is always safe to write and express your innermost thoughts.
  • Stop doing what you think you ‘should’ do and trust your own intuition and guidance.
  • Stop viewing writing as a chore, or something you can’t do, and see it as an easy-to-access path to healing, feeling whole and loving yourself and others. And understand that publishing is a happy by-product of this.
  • Wake-up your creativity and in-turn your life!

Why me? Why am I leading this programme?

You may have seen me on Forbes.com where I write about writing, work, career, creativity and self-expression. Or speaking at Blogtacular two years in a row. Or perhaps you’ve seen that I now teach business writing at University of London, City.  Maybe you’ve pre-ordered my latest book Heart, Soul & Sass. But it wasn’t always this way. It’s only through truly mastering my own creativity and self-expression that I’ve been able to go from a professional magazine journalist who struggled to get words on the page (and could only write with pressure and strain) to:

Becoming a freelance health, travel and lifestyle journalist and later a director at a PR consultancy.

Creating sell-out tutoring services with a long waiting list and delivering more than 2500 hours of English and writing tuition.

Signing songwriting deals with two music publishers.

Publishing my first book (Just Write It!with McGraw-Hill Education, one of the ‘big three’ educational publishers.

Developing an innovative in-the-field storytelling workshop programme for a global children’s charity in Ethiopia.

Leading a transformational programme for the largest media group in Scandinavia to help them to effectively implement English as a company language.

Designing and developing sales writing programmes that enabled clients, including a travel agent founded in 1875 and a multi-national energy company, to achieve measurable engagement.

Consulting, coaching and training a range of companies (including the largest IT company in Northern Europe) on how to write technical information in a commercial way.

Traveling in Europe as a professional speaker and workshop leader, and coaching and mentoring authors and business people to bring their books and brands to life.

Speaking regularly for Econa – a professional organisation for people who have graduated from Business School. My How to Write Your Way to the Top talk was the most popular talk in 2014.

And above all, being open to saying a BIG YES to opportunities to live more creatively. From studying at drama school, to representing Great Britain in The Model of the Universe competition, to living as an expat in Norway for six years.

I did all this through using the tools and techniques that I now teach in my courses, workshops and programmes. I’ve been told that I “make it look easy”, and perhaps this is because it’s been as much an inner journey as it has an outer one.  I almost became a Psychologist (after graduating in Psychology in 1999) and so everything is about psychological re-alignment. Shaking off fear. Finding your voice. Expressing un-expressed parts of you. Finding the courage to cope with rejection and disappointment. And using writing as a vehicle for whatever personal or professional success you desire.

Why I created this programme

In early 2016, I needed a break from my business. I had spent four years pitching, developing, creating and delivering business writing workshops (alongside being pregnant, and then a new mum). And I needed to get back in touch with myself.

So, I cleared my schedule with the aim of doing nothing in particular. But I soon found that I was constantly writing. I wrote about anything and everything, mostly in blog post format. And my journal never left my side. In short, I wrote WHAT I WANTED TO WRITE. And out of that came the proposal for my second book Heart, Soul & Sass: Write Your Way to a Fully-Expressed Life (which will be published by Mango Media in 2019). This process also cleared the space to create this VERY course, which I began delivering in live workshop format the following year.

I stopped pushing and striving and even found that a large, corporate contract suddenly came my way, which prevented the financial hit I thought I would take. By giving myself the time and space to re-connect with my OWN creative self-expression, I recalibrated my path. And it has made all the difference – personally and professionally.

This programme is not about making bold moves as I did. Instead, it’s about finding pockets of time where you can tap into your creativity. It’s about transforming, growing, learning and developing. It’s about finding your joy, and purpose, and passion along the way. And ultimately, it’s about writing yourself into existence.

So, are you ready to write with me? Here’s what you can expect:

Week 1: Laying the foundations (some mindset matters)

  • Why you’ve signed up for the programme and what you really want to get out of it
  • The ways in which other people have shamed your writing
  • The communication pyramid and how to navigate it
  • Strategies for overcoming psychological blocks
  • Your writing personality and how it helps / hampers you

Week 2: Tapping into your creative current

  • The reasons ‘why’ you want to write in a more free and expressive way
  • Exploring the tool of object writing, plus how it helps you write freely
  • Writing sprints – interval training for your writing
  • Playing with images and filling the creative well

Week 3: Metaphor – the language of the soul

  • A deep dive into metaphors
  • Practical ways to increase your ability to create metaphors
  • How to create metaphor tables
  • An overview of how metaphors fit with other literary techniques

Week 4: Writing tools and techniques

  • Literary techniques to help you write in a fresh, vibrant way
  • Some key structural tools that let your writing shine
  • Spotting writing techniques in your favourite blogs and magazines
  • Creating a short piece of writing that combines everything you’ve learned

Some testimonials

I feel I can reach a new level of writing

“I came to Greta’s workshop because I wanted to get back into journaling and gain some knowledge on how to creatively express myself through blogging. My biggest insight was learning how to show my personality without worrying about being grammatically incorrect. This was special. I’m more free in what I write, and I let my ideas flow more. I know how to be more engaging through using descriptive words. I also now feel creatively conscious of having a start, middle and end. I now feel like I can reach a new level of writing and I’m super excited about the journey.”

Jazreena Harlow, buyer / merchandiser and founder of The Sistaship

This workshop woke me up

“When I signed up for your workshop, I came with the idea of redefining the role writing would play in my life.  I needed to harness this skill again, as I set up my food business. I wanted to be able to record the life milestones in my family. I wanted to retell what I could remember of my grandmother’s history as she falls deeper and deeper into dementia. So many aspects of my life needed me to write.  The workshop woke me up. I saw how my old love of writing, which had sustained me in girlhood, could empower me again. I have multiple stories to tell and share with family, friends, clients and anyone who will listen. I no longer feel encumbered by strict writing rules that shackled my creativity in the past.

“Your tips on how to make writing a habit, sparked the journey.  Using my phone to jot down ideas until I have more time to revisit, was very valuable. Having a dedicated notebook for your writing convenient, so that you can write anytime.  I flirted with imagery to have a more powerful effect on the reader.  I have these stories from real life and my fantasies that are filling my mind. The workshop gave me permission and taught me the practicalities of mining them. I continue to be inspired.”

Ampy Basa, Private chef, connector, food enthusiast and teacher

I have more clarity now

“Before your workshop, I had been writing a creative lifestyle blog for about two years, with no guidance or training. This was an experience I enjoyed immensely, and I felt drawn to. The biggest challenges I faced were not having the knowledge or skills required to improve my writing style and not feeling clear about my long-term goals in terms of writing.

“I now have writing techniques that were not at my disposal beforehand and which add depth and interest to my writing. I have more clarity as to where I want to go with my writing and what part I want writing to play in my career as a creative. I have had more confidence since the workshop to find my own writing style. My biggest insight is the realisation that using writing and literary techniques, such as metaphors (I loved the metaphor exercise!), can add real interest and perhaps a professional quality to my writing which serves to set it apart.

“I would like to also say that in addition to the skills, techniques and information taught in the workshop, I felt that there was a deep, soulful feel to the training. There was a strong message and learning that writing from the heart, finding your passion and being clear about the reason you write are equally as important as the skills and techniques. I believe this makes Greta’s workshop unique.”

Lucy Peltier, blogger and crafter

Greta is always inspiring

“I loved this workshop – it gave me insight into interesting blocks and luckily how to get past them… and spending time with Greta is always inspiring. I’d encourage anyone on the fence to climb on down and give yourself and your writing a present.”

Claire McAree, film producer, and The Artist’s Way facilitator

Other participants have called the live version of this workshop: “magical”, “inspiring”, “so much fun” and have said that it helped them to start writing on a daily basis. 

Some questions and answers

I can’t make the Facebook Live workshops – can I still take part?

Yes, of course. You’ll be able to watch recordings of these at your leisure and catch-up whenever best suits you. Plus, the Facebook group will be there (outside this set time) as a place to share experiences, fears, hopes, dreams, and excavate writing blocks.

Is this course suitable for professional writers? 

Yes, and lots of professional writers have taken the live version of this programme. Going professional can change both your writing habits and your attitude to what you write. It might mean that you rarely write for pleasure or in a creative way. It might also mean that you take fewer risks with your writing, as you get used to seeing ‘safe’ writing in the professional sphere. This programme is an opportunity to tap back into creativity, and write what YOU want to write, from YOUR heart.

What if I don’t want to publish my writing?

That’s completely fine – It’s totally up to you whether or not you want to publish what you write. Having said that, there are so many benefits to sharing your writing. And if you want to dip your toes into that, then our Facebook group will be a safe space to do so.

Feel free to email me with any other questions at greta [at] gretasolomon.com

Are you ready to shake off the shackles and write freely and easily? If so, I look forward to seeing you in class!

A reminder of the practical details

When: We begin on Monday 8 October 2018, and the programme runs until Friday 2 November.

Where: It’s online so you can be anywhere in the world!

What you need: A notepad and pen. Around two hours a week. Plus, access to a computer and the internet.

Format: Weekly 15-minute training videos, plus worksheets and exercises. In addition, there’ll be a weekly 30-minute Facebook Live workshop and 30 minutes of live chatting (in the comments) after that. This will take place on Fridays at 1pm GMT.

Price: £159

Enrollments for this programme are now closed.