Praise (from clients past and present)

I was ready to give up until I spoke to Greta

After writing my first book in several months, I was ready to give up on the second one until I spoke to Greta. Within one hour, we had been able to take what was becoming an academic text book aimed at my peers and create the start of the creative book I had been desperately trying to write for two years. Thank you, Greta.

Natalie Trice, author, PR & writer

Greta did a great job in training our product managers

Writing technical information in a clear and concise way is a challenge. When we implemented the new version of our product catalogue we used Greta as a text consultant, to assist our product managers in the process of writing about their products in a clear and precise way. Greta did a great job in training our product managers. I can recommend her services to anyone that needs to sharpen up their language and see the value of implementing plain English in their communication style!

Anette Gether, Business Manager Safety Services, Wilhelmsen Ships Service 

Our stakeholders now see the true value in the numbers

Greta was the ideal choice to lead us through our corporate change from Norwegian to English. She effectively coached and trained our staff in how to write with impact. She also did a special intensive session with me, which has transformed the way I write our quarterly financial reports. Since writing in this new style, our key stakeholders increasingly see the true value in the numbers. I’ve learned that even in finance, you still need to tell a story.

Britt Nilsen, Vice President Finance, Schibsted Media Group

Worth every penny, and more!

We’ve had lots of sales training, but it was never really tailored to our needs. Greta gave us practical tools we could instantly implement that made a real difference to our sales materials and dialogues. But not only does she know her stuff, she was able to get everyone engaged, participating and truly learning. Everything she taught was tailored exactly to us, and I was impressed that she was able to put herself in our world after spending such a short time with us. It was worth every penny, and more!

Cathrine Blomsnes, Head of Sales, Berg-Hansen

Your teaching has allowed me to think differently

Your workshop at Wilhelmsen Ships Service was excellent and opened up a whole new thought process for me. Although I have now moved to a different company, I am still applying your theories to my work, as we are too technically oriented in our marketing. I work in an end-user company and it is more relevant to have attractive added-value powerful product descriptions. Your teaching has allowed me to think differently and incorporate both internal and external needs in product descriptions.

Dave Evans, Business Development Manager, Ocean Safety

Invaluable in finding my writing voice

Today’s coaching session was invaluable. Learnt so so much in such a short space of time. You should all sign up for a session with Greta.

Daniela Hofmann, co-founder of Fetchh

Charming, creative and professional

A wonderful, charming, creative and professional speaker. Greta Solomon really drives the basics of English language appreciation for daily use, in any business setting. She gives clear useful tips and examples you can use in framing emails, proposals, marketing documents and memos. The audience tracker tool is simple to use and makes you realise that common sense is really not common after all! With the present technology age of writing short cuts, or lengthy reports, the essence of a message is often lost. Her tools and tips help capture these pitfalls and nuances. Truly, very helpful.

Ashish Sahu, Senior Environmental Process Engineer, Aquateam COWI

Impressive hosting skills

I was impressed with Greta’s hosting skills at the Oslo Writers’ League book launch event. She was able to bring out the spirit of each panellist.

Chelsea Ranger, Life Science Manager, Horn International

A natural host

You were quite simply a natural host and handled the panel at the Write Out! event superbly. I wish you could host all my events.

Foluke Akinlose MBE, Founder of Precious Online, Precious Success & The Precious Awards

Special & exciting

This was special. Thank you! I feel like I can reach a new level of writing. Super excited about the journey. If anyone is interested in improving their creative writing skills, you need to get booked onto Greta Solomon’s workshops!

Jazreena Harlow, buyer / merchandiser

So many a-ha moments!

I read Greta’s book after my husband participated in one of her corporate seminars. At that time, I was completing the first year of my masters and a great deal of my time was spent on reading and writing essays. After reading it, my grades rocketed from C’s to A’s. All thanks to Greta’s book Just Write It!.  The book is a miracle for anyone who struggles with writing or just isn’t happy with his or her creativity process. Easy to read and comprehend, the book will give you so many ‘a-ha’ moments that you will want to make everyone else read it!

Elena Daia, Web Journalist at Bonnier Publications

The service was 10 out of 10

Greta acted as a coach, a consultant, an advisor and a writer, when we worked together for a full day to create my signature talk. Through the process of working together:
• I got a talk that I believe in
• She managed to structure my head, nail things down to a few topics
• I improved my language (I now present benefits instead of products)
• I got a kick in my butt, forcing me to actually get out there and give talks!
I really appreciated how Greta asked me challenging questions which forced me to think. She also gave me honest feedback about what she didn’t think was good enough (including the name of one of my learning models). She also gave me a good talk structure that allowed for detours without deviating from it. All these things clarified Key Learning’s strategy and deliveries to myself. For a while, I have been missing an objective person to discuss core business issues with. I got this and in addition I got some concrete products from it. I would happily rate the service as 10 out of 10!

Lars Terje Pedersen, Managing Partner, Key Learning

We saw a step-change straight away

Greta was working at London PR agency, SE10, when she was put in charge of the PR at Keystone Distribution where I was VP of Distribution Europe. Pretty much straight away we saw a step-change in our results. She helped to raise our profile by getting us in the finals of key industry awards, seeking out media opportunities and engaging with people at all levels in the company. Greta gets results, always puts her clients first, and does so with a smile!

Paul Pegg, Dynamic Leader and Supply Chain Expert

More customer interest after Greta's writing workshop

In just two months since working with Greta Solomon, we’ve seen a positive shift in our sales communication. We’ve had more Facebook likes, more customer interest and a much more positive perception of our people and products.

Per Arne Villadsen, CEO, Berg-Hansen

Warm energy

I thoroughly enjoyed last night. Writing can be so isolating at times. Beautiful people in the room and your warm energy made it all special.

Marie Skilling, writer and coach

Greta is always inspiring

I loved this workshop – it gave me insight into interesting blocks and luckily how to get past them… and spending time with Greta is always inspiring. I’d encourage anyone on the fence to climb on down and give yourself and your writing a present.

Claire McAree, film producer, and The Artist’s Way facilitator

It has been a life-changer

I’d like to say a HUGE thank you for the coaching sessions – it has really been a life-changer! I feel like I have grown and evolved so much thanks to our sessions together, and I have gained so much more clarity on my passions, values and dreams in life. Thank you for being so flexible and open during my many ‘sidetracks’ – and for being so understanding in the fact that we went from preparing a writing portfolio to exploring life goals and dreams!

 Meg, an editorial assistant from London

Greta is a muse

I highly recommend this workshop. It helped me get over my fear and I have enjoyed putting pen to paper again. Greta Solomon is a muse.

Ampy Basa, chef

Finally, some social media feedback from my Writing from the Heart workshop at Blogtacular, 2017

• “It was a lovely workshop, I’m off to look at what else I can learn from you as loved your delivery style.”
• “Really enjoyed your workshop. Feel more prepared and less scared to start writing!”
• “Such an amazing, inspiring session, thank you so much.”
• “Thank you for a great workshop. It was inspiring, I feel I will finally find my writing style.”
• “Thanks so much for an inspiring and interesting workshop Greta. I’m going through all the photos I took of your slides so that I can really put into practice everything that you talked about.”
• “It was fantastic meeting you and honor introducing you to the audience. I have left with key skills that will transform my writing with practice! Thank again for a great talk!!”
• “Fab workshop with @greta_solomon this morning. So many practical and applicable ideas.
• Amazing inspirational talk, I can’t wait to write my next post in a different style.
• It was ace! It’s really changed how I think about writing
• I loved @greta_solomon’s writing class, I learnt so much in such a short space of time!