I know what it’s like to want, or need to write something and not know how. Or to leave it to the last-minute and launch into all-out crisis mode. I’ve experienced the blocks, bought the t-shirt and come out the other side. But I didn’t make it through without some help and guidance, and that’s what I’d like to offer you.

I’ve collated these resources¬†below¬†to save you rooting around in my blog to find what you need. (Although please do look there, as I also write about everything from natural hair, to motherhood, to why fashion matters.)

Business writing & blogging

14-page pdf

9-page pdf / workbook

Blog posts

Branding & web design

Blog post

Creativity & self-expression

Blog posts

Writing for creative self-expression

Blog posts

Academic writing (a creative approach)

My book Just Write It!