Get The Joy List: Five Days of Writing for Joy

Are you feeling the pull to CREATE, and more importantly, to feel creative, vibrant and full of life? Joy is the key. You need to move towards your joy, and trust that it will take you to the right place.

The Joy List is a FREE 18-page guide to tapping into your self-expression through objects that spark joy in you. It helps writers and would-be writers to master the tool of object writing. This helps you to break through blocks and fears so that you can write freely and easily.

Object writing is easy, fun and gives fast results. And through using your joy list, you get a double-workout. You practise your writing skills and harness your joy.

As a writing trainer and self-expression coach, my mission is to help people to better express themselves in writing. So, if you feel the desire to write your truth, get a copy of The Joy List.

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