Work with me

When I trained as a life coach in 2007 (with Coach U), we had to pick a speciality at the end of the course. I was a magazine journalist at the time, so naturally I chose writing coaching – and haven’t looked back!

These days, I offer two coaching packages, a range of talks and workshops and still write magazine articles. There’s also a 60-minute ‘ask me anything’ option, for those times when you wish you could just grab a coffee with someone further along the path.

Coaching: Bring your book to life

This for people who want to write, or are writing inspirational, self-help, or how-to books. You’ll be a coach, consultant or industry leader and want to produce a book that will position you as a thought-leader, act as a marketing tool for your business, and truly connect with and provide transformation for your readers.

At the same time, you want to write a book from the heart, and want help with the creative brainstorming, structuring, titles and stories – all the core things that will make your book truly resonate.

Click the picture below for more details and to register for a complimentary 15-minute Skype call. An initial two-hour coaching session costs £300.

Talks & workshops

In the past, I have created various workshops in sales communication and commercial writing for a range of clients. But sometimes a bespoke talk isn’t required. The ready-made talks I have good to go are:

90-Minute Masterclasses:
Business writing bootcamp (includes the 10 writing mistakes most people make + 7 writing secrets)

Writing from the heart: How to put soul and sass into your work

3-hour workshop:
Writing for creative self-expression

For upcoming talks,  click the picture to check out my events page (you’ll also find my past events here).

Coaching: Write amazing articles and blog posts

Do you dream of getting published in The Huff Post, The Numinous, or one of the glossy weekly or monthly magazines? Do you have great content but wish your writing was more compelling? Do you want to write with more confidence?

Although great writers make it seem effortless and natural, they cleverly structure their writing and use a host of techniques to make it as impactful as possible. And in this hands-on personal coaching package you’ll learn the nuts and bolts of amazing article and blog writing AND get feedback on what you write.

I tailor each article and blog writing coaching package to your individual needs. So, get in touch to arrange a complimentary 15-minute Skype call.

Writing commissions

I write about creativity, creative writing for wellness, running a heart-centred business, personal development, self-expression, health and all things related to writing. I also love a good first-person opinion piece, which although can be on pretty much any topic, always contains a lesson and focuses on my journey and what I’ve learned.

My recent articles have been published in The Huffington Post, The Numinous and The Introvert Effect. Below are a couple of recent articles. Get in touch if you’d like to see more writing samples / discuss a commission.

Ask me anything (about books, blogs, business, creativity, writing and all things related to you as a writer)

This is a 60-minute Skype call where you can get information, advice and guidance from me. You email over up to 10 questions in advance, and we discuss these, plus anything else you think of. After the call, I email over any resources I may have referred to in our chat. This call costs £120.