A three-hour workshop with Greta Solomon

Tickets are no longer available for the workshop on 21 November, 2017. The next workshop will be in the New Year.

Expressing yourself through writing keeps your heart open. It also helps you to see what you really want. You get to go deeper, down through the layers to express your authentic self. But first of all you need to shake off the shackles. That’s what this workshop is about.

It’s about shaking off all the expectations you do, or do not have of yourself as a ‘writer’. And doing creative exercises so that you’re able to write freely, with joy, with passion, so that you’re able to say what you really need to say.

In this fun, interactive workshop you’ll:

  • Learn what the communication pyramid is, and how to navigate it
  • Discover your writing personality and how to use it to your advantage
  • Practise using a tool to figure out your vision and values to get to the heart of ‘why’ you want to write
  • Tap into your creative current by starting with your senses
  • Identify ways to increase your metaphor quotient
  • Learn writing and literary techniques to help you write in a fresh, vibrant way

This is not writing therapy, but it is writing coaching. It’s using the page as a guide for where you need to go. It’s also about using writing to forge your own path, find your voice and express your soul’s desires.

It sounds lofty, doesn’t it? It’s not. I will teach you the same practical techniques I’ve taught employees at multinational companies, entrepreneurs, students, consultants and professional writers. They are universal techniques that improve your writing and your self-expression.

You ought to leave the workshop feeling rejuvenated, and with a greater sense of purpose.

What they say
This was special. Thank you! I feel like I can reach a new level of writing. Super excited about the journey. If anyone is interested in improving their creative writing skills, you need to get booked onto Greta Solomon’s workshops! ~ Jazreena Harlow, buyer / merchandiser
You are a wonderful teacher and a gentle facilitator. ~ Lucy Peltier, writer
I thoroughly enjoyed last night. Writing can be so isolating at times. Beautiful people in the room and your warm energy made it all special. ~ Marie Skilling, writer and coach
I highly recommend this workshop. It helped me get over my fear and I have enjoyed putting pen to paper again. Greta Solomon is a muse.
My writer's block is now unblocked.
Such a fun workshop.
Thanks for a magic and inspiring class.
You have inspired me to start writing daily again.
The workshop was super inspiring and gave me some fresh ideas.
I loved this workshop – it gave me insight into interesting blocks and luckily how to get past them... and spending time with Greta is always inspiring. I'd encourage anyone on the fence to climb on down and give yourself and your writing a present.