A 4-week personal coaching programme

After I deliver a workshop, people often ask for a little more. They feel inspired but want some help to implement the new tools and techniques they’ve learned. They finally feel able to freely express themselves, but are worried about the blocks and doubts coming back. In short – they want a little personal time and attention.

Whether you’ve been to one of my workshops, or not, this coaching programme will give you some hands-on support with your writing.

This programme is ideal for bloggers, entrepreneurs, creatives, makers, and both aspiring and established writers. You’ll deepen your self-expression and master tools that you can use for ANYTHING you write in the future. Plus, you get that all-important feedback on everything you write during this programme. And often, that’s priceless.

If you want to UNBLOCK and WRITE MORE CREATIVELY, this could be the coaching programme for you. Read on for full details of what I’m offering. The programme costs £1095 and payment is due on sign-up.

Sketchnote and picture by Bryony Rust. Created during my Writing from the Heart workshop at Blogtacular.
Here's a detailed outline of the content


Before the programme begins I ask you to send me a 500-word writing sample. I’ll analyse this and give you structured feedback using the following criteria:

  • How well is the document tailored to your readers?
  • Is there a clear main message?
  • Does your tone reflect your mission?
  • Have you primarily used the active voice?
  • Are the sentences simple, and easy to understand?
  • Have you used abbreviations sparingly?
  • Is the writing bold, straight forward and direct?
  • Have you started with your most important message
  • Have you used action words?
  • Have you used personal words such as ‘we’, ‘you’, ‘us’ and ‘our’?
  • Have you used catchy titles and subtitles?
  • Have you crafted an effective opening?
  • Have you crafted an effective conclusion?
  • Have you ended with a call to action (if appropriate)?

Week 1: Mindset matters

Worksheets on the following topics:

  • The communication pyramid (and how you can best navigate it)
  • Getting to the heart of why you write (or want to write)
  • Your writing personality and how to make it work for you

Coaching call: A 40-minute Skype call where we’ll discuss why you’ve signed up for the programme, and what you want to get out of it. We’ll discuss your specific goals and dreams, and what you need to do, be and have – so that you can achieve these. We’ll also discuss your insights from the worksheets, your marked pre-work, and lay good foundations for the weeks ahead.

Week 3: Tools & techniques

Worksheets on the following tools and techniques:

  • Six types of titles
  • Five types of openings / endings
  • Deciding on your main message
  • Using literary (and other writing) techniques
    • Plays on words, metaphors and similes, sentence length, deliberate punctuation, deliberate capitals, alliteration, personification, symbolism, irony, sibilance, onomatopoeia and repetition.

A writing task: At the end of the week, you’ll email me over a brand-new (or rewritten) 500-word piece of work that uses the new tools and techniques you’ve learned in the programme. I will give you structured feedback on this (using the same format as outlined in the pre-work section, above).

Week 2: Self-expression

Worksheets to enable you to practice object writing and create metaphor tables. You’ll compile your joy list (five personal objects that bring you joy) and you’ll write about one each week day.

At the end of the week you’ll email me over all your object writing and metaphor tables for some written feedback. I’ll feed-back on the writing itself. Plus, I’ll share ideas for how you could turn your raw self-expression into something more, and use it in your creative and / or business life.

Coaching call: A 40-minute Skype call discussing your insights from the week’s exercises and ways to improve your self-expression.

Week 4: Reaping the rewards from your writing task

Coaching call: You’ll have a final 40-minute Skype call where we’ll discuss my feedback, and your insights from the programme. Then, we’ll make a personalised plan for your next steps.

Post-programme task: Crack open the bubbly, or have a celebratory tea or coffee and cake! There’s always more you can do, but completing a 4-week programme like this is a huge step in the direction of your writing dreams.

After that, my aim is for you to continue to uncover and discover your writing voice. And to write with heart, soul and sass. This coaching programme will give you the tools you need, plus the confidence to move forward.

The practicalities

This is a four-week programme but sometimes life happens. So, if you prefer, you can spread out the coaching calls over a 6-week period. All work is due within this finite six-week period though – otherwise it can be tempting to procrastinate.

You’ll receive all the materials via email and we will mutually agree times and dates for our coaching calls. If you need to re-arrange any, please give 24 hours’ notice (unless of course, it an unforeseen emergency).

All you need is a computer, a pen and a pad of paper – we’re going old-school and much of what you write will be in longhand.

So, is this the right coaching programme for you?

Are you ready to do the work? Is NOW your time to unblock? Is NOW your time to write freely and easily, and truly express yourself?

You’ll need to spend around 1.5 to 2 hours a week on reading the worksheets and completing the exercises. Plus, you’ll need to prepare for, and commit to, three 40-minute coaching calls (in a 4-week period).

Are you willing to:

  • Try new tools and techniques, and not necessarily master them instantly?

Are you willing to:

  • Dig a little deeper and express yourself from a more authentic place, which may make you feel a little vulnerable or unsure?

Are you willing to:

  • Trust that creating within the container of a four-week programme will allow you to explore your writing, creativity, purpose and passion?

Are you willing to:

  • Set goals, but let go of the exact result of the programme? Creativity is unpredictable, and you may end up somewhere slightly different from where you expected.

Are you willing to:

  • Have fun with it all? And approach this programme with an open mind and a light heart?

If you can answer 'yes' to these questions, then you'll get a lot out of this coaching programme. Also, just to let you know that as well as being a professional writer, and experienced writing trainer, I'm also a trained life coach and teacher. 10 years ago, I completed an ICF-accredited coaching programme and I have a City & Guilds teaching qualification. So, you are in safe hands!

Your investment

The total price for everything is £1095, payable on sign-up

Enrolling in a programme like this can feel like a big step, especially if it’s the first time that you have invested in your writing dreams. Sometimes it helps to talk things through. If you’d like to set up a complimentary consultation, just email me at greta@gretasolomon.com

When you’re ready to get started, simply click the buy now button and enter your card details. Within 24 hours I’ll send you a welcome email. If you pay via PayPal, remember to check the email related to your PayPal account. In this email, I’ll ask you to send over some details about yourself and your business (if you have one) and request a writing sample. Then we’ll get started straight away.

The act of writing can be so emotionally charged, for so many reasons. Getting clear, and getting comfortable with your own creativity is such a gift. I look forward to working with you!