For corporate clients, I specialise in bespoke writing workshops

My clients have included Statoil (re-branded as Equinor), Schibsted Media Group, Wilhelmsen Ships Service, Save the Children, Miros and Berg-Hansen. I design and deliver a training and coaching package based on the needs of your people, your business goals and the results you need and want.

Get in touch if you’d like to arrange a discovery session. 

I can deliver the following talks and workshops (which, of course, can be tweaked to perfectly fit your audience):

  • How to Write Awesome Articles and Blog Posts
  • How to Write Your Way to the Top (including mistakes and remedies) 
  • Writing for Creative Self-Expression

Writing commissions

I write about writing, work, career, creativity and self-expression. I also love a good first-person opinion piece, which although can be on pretty much any topic, always contains a lesson and focuses on my journey and what I’ve learned. And as a former magazine journalist, I can be relied on to deliver.

Podcast / media interviews

I can speak about topics including:
• The magic of movement when it comes to creativity
• Why creativity is the missing piece in the wellness puzzle
• How writing can clear a path to self-love
• How to write your way to wellbeing
• How to break writer’s block
• Why blogging and micro-blogging is a great self-development tool
• Top tips for writing effective articles and blog posts
• The common writing mistakes people make and how to remedy them
• The three key questions you need to ask if you want to write a book
• How to thrive as a multi-passionate creative
• How to get your work published
• The keys to balancing hustle with creative flow


Workshop photos by Will Ireland at Blogtacular 2018

Other photos by Nyssa Paige

Videos by Lizzie at Blix Creative