This challenge is about spending 10-15 minutes a day getting to know yourself a bit better as a writer – whether you write for fun, or professionally.

This is a new challenge, and to celebrate that, I’ll be running it LIVE from Monday 10 September – Friday 14 September 2018. If you’re reading this, and fancy giving it a go – sign up now. That way you’ll automatically get the first email with the day one video and worksheets on Monday 10 September. You’ll receive an email for each day of the challenge after that, with a video and worksheet. Plus, a pdf workbook with all the week’s work, on the Friday, in case you’d like to revisit it.

The fact that it’s LIVE means that if you choose, you can get live coaching and advice from me on social media and interact with other people doing the challenge using the hashtag #JourneyBeyondJournaling

A quick overview

Day 1: Believing you can write

Day 2: Getting in the zone

Day 3: Understanding your writing personality

Day 4: Awakening your senses

Day 5: Focusing on your reader (which depending on what you write, may actually be you!)

This challenge is not about critiquing each other’s writing. It’s about self-analysis, breaking through blocks, exploring your creativity and becoming a better writer along the way. The live portion means that we can share successes and insights and you can make friends along the way – which is always a bonus!

Some added extras

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