A free five-day creative writing challenge to help you fall in love with writing again – or, perhaps for the first time!

This challenge is about spending 15 minutes a day getting to know yourself better as a writer. Whether you write for fun, or professionally – I aim to give you the confidence and creativity you need to let your writing thrive.

You may have seen me on Forbes.com where I write about writing, work, career, creativity and self-expression. Or speaking at Blogtacular two years in a row. Or perhaps you’ve seen that I now teach business writing at University of London, City.  Maybe you’ve pre-ordered my latest book Heart, Soul & Sass. But it wasn’t always this way. It’s only through truly mastering my own creativity and self-expression that I’ve been able to go from a professional magazine journalist who struggled to get words on the page (and could only write with pressure and strain) to having a thriving writing practice.

I LOVE the written word, but my work is about MUCH MORE than writing. It’s also about physical and psychological re-alignment. And using writing as a vehicle for whatever personal or professional success you desire.

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To get the most out of the week, you can also join the Journey Beyond Journaling private Facebook group. Here you can ask questions and interact with others (there is a thread for each day). Plus, you can take part in any Facebook Lives I do.

A quick overview (you’ll get five videos and worksheets)

Day 1: Believing you can write

Day 2: Getting in the zone

Day 3: Understanding your writing personality

Day 4: Awakening your senses

Day 5: Focusing on your readers

Ultimately, this challenge is about self-analysis, breaking through blocks, exploring your creativity and becoming a better writer along the way.

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